50 Years of Maximum Rock n' Roll

50 Years of Maximum Rock & Roll is a podcast hosted by Dave Hines and features concert sound pioneer Bob Heil. Hear stories from his days touring with The Who, Humble Pie, the James Gang and others, to the development of the Talk Box made famous by Peter Frampton. The show will feature special guests who were "in the trenches." Bob will also talk about his current cutting edge microphone designs. Take a look back - and forward - at the inner workings of Heil Sound by the man who created it all.
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50 Years of Maximum Rock n' Roll


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Dec 29, 2016

Bob Heil will explain what he means by a six pack and what Creem Magazine has to do with that. He will share some special stories about some of the Rock n' Roll legends that he's worked with (Jimmie Hendrix) and we'll finally hear how he met Joe Walsh.

Dec 22, 2016

This episode is not about rock stars trashing hotel rooms or epic concerts. It is about the innovation and technology that has gone into much of Bob Heil's career. Bob has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the science of audio and we wanted to give our geeky audio fans a very special episode. 

Dec 15, 2016

Before ZZ Top were sharp dressed men they were just a little three piece band from Texas. With no beards. But they had "that sound" driven by Billy Gibbons unmistakable guitar and vocal. Bob Heil and Heil Sound were there on the band's early tours perfecting the live sound where, with a trio, everything mattered.

In this episode you will hear a wonderful and wide ranging discussion by Bob of his work with ZZ Top including some of his secrets for getting the critical guitar and bass sounds on the road. You will also be treated to some little known nuggets too – Billy Gibbons is a voracious reader – so enjoy!
Dec 7, 2016

From Joe Walsh trashing hotel rooms to groupies, Bob Heil recalls some of the crazier stories that to the rest of us seem like legend.

Dec 1, 2016

After working at venues around the globe some of Bob Heil's favorite live sound venues were actually right in his own backyard. Bob recalls the iconic Mississippi River Fest and how Kiel Auditorium became a live testing venue for Heil Sound.