50 Years of Maximum Rock n' Roll

50 Years of Maximum Rock & Roll is a podcast hosted by Dave Hines and features concert sound pioneer Bob Heil. Hear stories from his days touring with The Who, Humble Pie, the James Gang and others, to the development of the Talk Box made famous by Peter Frampton. The show will feature special guests who were "in the trenches." Bob will also talk about his current cutting edge microphone designs. Take a look back - and forward - at the inner workings of Heil Sound by the man who created it all.
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Feb 11, 2016

Topics: Peter Frampton, Talkbox, Joe Walsh, Quadrophenia, Pete Townsend




Peter Frampton is a legend of rock music and the best-known user of the renowned Heil Talkbox. For the last several decades, his innovation and artistry have helped shape the music you know and love. However, there is one man whose creativity and collaboration with Frampton helped shape his signature sound more than any other. That man is Bob Heil.


In this episode, Bob shares how he came to know and work with Peter Frampton. You’ll discover how many microphones it took to get the iconic guitar tones on Frampton Comes Alive (and how the mic placement was such a crucial factor in the sound). You’ll also learn how Bob’s insistence on teamwork has been a crucial factor in his success.


If you’re a fan of great music and great sound, you’re in for a treat as Bob Heil shares the inside scoop on his friendship and collaboration with Peter Frampton and many other key players in the history of rock n’ roll.


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