50 Years of Maximum Rock n' Roll

50 Years of Maximum Rock & Roll is a podcast hosted by Dave Hines and features concert sound pioneer Bob Heil. Hear stories from his days touring with The Who, Humble Pie, the James Gang and others, to the development of the Talk Box made famous by Peter Frampton. The show will feature special guests who were "in the trenches." Bob will also talk about his current cutting edge microphone designs. Take a look back - and forward - at the inner workings of Heil Sound by the man who created it all.
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Jan 28, 2016

Topics: Joe Walsh, James Gang, Goldline Pro, The Fin, phantom power




What comes to mind when you think of Joe Walsh? You probably think of his incredible contribution to rock music through The Eagles and James Gang (and other groups), as well as his solo work. But you probably don’t picture him as a ham radio operator or an electronics expert.


But in this episode, that’s the Joe Walsh you’ll encounter. Bob Heil shares stories from his decades-long friendship with Joe that began with their mutual interest in ham radio. That friendship blossomed into a collaboration that resulted in numerous advances in modern sound, including large diaphragm dynamics, the Fin microphone, and the Heil Goldline Pro, which later became the PR-20.


No matter what your interest or experience level with sound, you’ll be amazed and inspired by Bob’s stories about Joe Walsh and other legends from the pages of rock ‘n’ roll history.



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